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Mexico City 20 card pack

$10.00 USD

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20 5x7 photos from the streets of Mexico City.

Printed on hard stock paper for post cards or to be framed.

I’m so hyped to finally release my “Mexico City Memory Packs” to you guys. Last year, I was given the opportunity to document Day Of The Dead in Mexico City, Mexico. 

I did a little research about the city before I left, but ultimately I wanted the experience to be fresh and without expectations. Of course, all of the Day of The Dead festival, parties, ceremonies, parades, etc. were absolutely amazing and beautiful, but what really moved me were the moments in-between. 

The kids running around, the street musicians, sunsets, the kindness of the locals—all of it moved me beyond words, and I knew I wanted to do something different with the images that I captured there. 

Each image on these cards is a vivid memory I wanted to hold and share forever. Being someone who adores sending and receiving postcards, I made the cards 5x7 which can be used for that and/or wall art. There are 2 separate packs of 10 cards and they are $35 (includes shipping). Link to purchase in bio.

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